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Lake Landscape

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With Wine ComesWisdom

Alex Kennedy-- Just a realtor trying to move on from her tortured past while hoping to find her purpose in life.  When she runs out of gas in a

neighborhood, she thinks is worth saving, suddenly nothing will ever be the same.

Roman King-- Tall, dark, handsome and successful.  He's every woman's fantasy but he only has one woman on his mind--Alex.  His pull to her is so strong and overwhelming he can't help his desperate desire to protect her from everyone and everything--especially herself.

With Wine Comes Wisdom...Can two people overcome the shadows of the past to hold onto the love of their dreams?  Or will old nightmares tear them apart...


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About JE Johnson

Just a dreamer who loves to write about extraordinary circumstances wrapped up in highly dramatic fashion with a hard fought for happily ever after bow--because a love worth having is worth fighting for!


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